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Welcome to Molenkamp Software

You have entered a Website designed for delivering honest and easy to use software for the financial markets. Our goal is to develop and deliver these computer programs in consultation with technical analysis specialists in all fields.
Our main program, TradeTimer, a complete Dynamic Trend Channel Trading Software, including a Candlesticks recognition and Trading System.
With TradeSize pro, the Best Trade Position Size and Reward Risk Ratio Calculator, we protect you for the Risk of Ruin and offering you at the same time stress free trading, while HDData, the Hard Disk Drive Temperature monitor, protects your Hard Drive and all your Data you can't afford to lose.
You, an active Trader, can now make profitable Trading decisions while using the best Trading Tools on the market. Use TradeTimer, TradeSize pro and HDData.


  • A NEW Dynamic Trade System
    The Timing Device for Traders
    A self-adjusting TradingTool.
    Dynamic Trend Channels.
    A Selectable Candlestick Recognition
    Trade ahead of the crowd.
    Make money in Bull and Bear Markets.
    a Free 5 Days Evaluation period.
    A Dynamic Mechanical Trade System
    TradeTimer has it all!
    a Mechanical TradeSystem.
    Dynamical Trend Channels.
    a Candlestick Recognition system.
    a self-adjusting TradingTool
    for all kind of securities.
    Evaluate TradeTimer for Free.
  • Our free gift for you! Go Get It.
    Worlds Best TradeSize calculator
    For taking a Short or a Long position.
    For Stress free Trading..
    Trading in your comfort zone.
    You'll get a clear view on the Market.
    This is a Gift, Absolutely FREE!
  • HDData
    Protege los Datos y Unidades.
    Schützt Ihren Daten und Laufwerken.
    Beschermd uw Data en Schijven.
    Protegge i vostri Dati e Unità.
    Protects your Data and Drives.
    reads your SSD and HDD SMART information.
    will warn you before damage has occured!
    can take Actions for you to save your Data and Drives.
    can suspend your Computer.
    can shutdown your Computer.
    can eMail you.
    can print SMART and WMI Data.