TradeSize pro
Stress Free Trading with our Trade Size Calculator.

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TradeSize pro
TradeSize pro: Worlds Best Trade Position Size calculator, is a free gift from us to you as an advertisement for our TradeTimer program. Since we are sure that every trader can make large profits with our newly developed trading system, TradeTimer, based on trend channel analysis in combination with the already proven candlestick patterns. With the best TradeSize calculator in combination with our TradeTimer program, every trader can boosts their profits in stress free trading.
TradeSize pro includes also a Reward Risk Ratio calculator.

Lets be honest, no trade system makes money on every trade. How good the trade system might be and how good its reward to risk ratio is, the human interference is always a major factor. Over-trading caused by presumption and / or a run of losses can ruin your account balance. Even if you use TradeTimer you must always trade with the "proper Trade Size " in case the markets run into a draw-down period.

For money management and emotional stress it is important for you to know that you can survive in all market conditions.

If your positions stay within a certain comfort level you will have a great chance of avoiding the "risk of ruin". This comfort level is very trader dependent. Your maximum risk is to high if a couple of losing trades in row scares you or if you feel emotionally uneasy with your trading positions. Your "proper" or Stress Free" trade size is a percentage of your account size that is so big or small that, in the event of loosing a couple of times in a row, you won't get hurt to badly and will have enough money left in your account for continuing to trade the markets. You won't have to quit this business. Once you start trading with the proper or stress free trade size, the trade size that is in harmony with your comfort level, you will get a psychological uncensored, fresh and clear view on the markets which results in a decreasing fear of losing and your decisions will become emotionless.This all will improve your trading qualities, give you more confidence and emotional rest, resulting in more trade profits with stress free trading. From now on you can calculate on forehand your stress free trade size with our free TradeSize pro. for every long or short position you would like to take.



TradeSize pro is available for Android at GooglePlay.




If your Maximum Risk % stays between 2 and 3 you'll have a great chance to avoid ruining your account balance. If a couple of losses still make you uncomfortable then lower the Maximum Risk %.
 You can use our free TradeSize pro on all the investment tools: Shares, Options and Futures, taking Long or Short positions.
 - set your Account Size.
 - set your Maximum Risk % (start with +/- 2,5%).
 - set your Commission method with the price for the opening only, closing commission is automatically taken into account.
 - enter the trade Entry Price and your trade StopLoss Price.
 When all necessary fields has been filled in, TradeSize pro will make the calculations automatically and you will find your stress free Trade Size, Money Risk, Money in use (without possible margins) and the Break-even Price.