TradeSize pro
Stress Free Trading with our Trade Size Calculator.

Click [HERE] to download the TradeSize pro setup file.

Example 1
You can change the Entry Price, StopLoss Price and the Trade Size, new calculations are made automatically. TradeSize pro can determine the target price with your desired Reward / Risk Ratio. When the actual Close Price is set TradeSize pro calculates your Actual Reward / Risk Ratio with the accompanied Realized Profit. Clicking on the TradeTimer logo generates a printout of all the data.

Example: Stocks.

When all necessary fields has been filled in TradeSize pro will make the calculations automatically. Account Size= 40000, Maximum Risk % = 2,5 (= 1000), Commission = fixed price/order = 19,95
 Entry Price = 12,60 StopLoss Price = 10,08 (20% stoploss). Result: Trade Size 380 shares, your money risk is 997,5 and the money in use is 4807,95. your BEP (Break Even Price) is 12,71.
 Order 380 shares and you will not exceed your maximum risk % After you have bought the shares set a Sell order with the Stoploss Prize of 10.08 and you are covered.
 When you click at the TTimer logo a Print Preview of all the data will show up and is ready for you to print.