about Molenkamp software

Molenkamp software is established because of our interest in the Technical Analysis of the stock markets.


Despite that there are so many indicators and oscillators for the Technical Analysis’s, we noticed that no software package could calculate the Dynamic Trend Channels which, Mr. J. M. Hurst has defined so clearly in his book “The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing”. We at Molenkamp software has discovered how we can calculate and visualize these Dynamic Trend Channels. We have also built a mechanical Trade System around these Dynamic Trend Channels. As far as we know, no other Trading Software can make these calculation. We have combined our Trend Channels with the Japanese Candlesticks to complete our Trade System.

TradeSize pro

TradeTimer, unfortunately just like other Trading Systems, doesn’t always have profitable trades . We have developed our Trade Size calculator, TradeSize pro, to survive a couple of losing Trades. TradeSize pro protects you against the Risk or Ruin. You can calculate your stress free Trade Size on forehand. Once you start trading with the proper- or stress free Trade Size, the Trade Size that is in harmony with your comfort level, you will get a psychological uncensored, and a fresh and clear view on the markets. This results in a decreasing fear of losing and your decisions will become emotionless.


All the Data collecting software which stores real-time quotes, does this on a Hard Disk by writing the data every few seconds on the same place on the Hard Disk. Experience has shown us that after about 2 á 3 year writing on the same spot, the Hard Disk slowly loses its data bit by bit, literally!
We have developed the program HDData to prevent this Data loss. HDData you can protect your Hard Drive and your Data so you can store your data elsewhere before your Hard Drives really breaks down. HDData is therefore a very useful program especially for Traders whom saves real-time quotes.

We at Molenkamp software develop fair and easy understandable software.

Every active trader should have our programs in its toolbox!