Hard Drive Failure and Data loss due to exceeding Hard Drive temperature!
Monitor your SSD Life, S.M.A.R.T. and WMI data.
View and Print all the SMART and WMI data for your Hard Drives.

Click [HERE] to download the HDData setup file.

HDData main interface: page1
At the start of the 5 days evaluation period.
HDData found 2 physical Hard Drives.
(a maximum of 4 Hard Drives is supported by HDData)
If you click on a Drive Name you will receive additional information.
HDData page1
HDData page 2: the Advanced page.
Advanced Hard Drive information.
Select a Drive No. for only SMART information, or select between "Win32_DiskDrive" for physical Hard Drives information or "Win32_LogicalDisk" for information about the partitions / Logical drives.
All SMART and WMI Disk data can be printed for later reference.
HDData page1
HDData page 3: Program Settings.
Here you can set the program to your wishes.
The HDData program.
- Let HDData start when your computer starts. (note: set this off during trial period)
- Start automatically HDData minimized.
- Use Exit button to hide program. (HDData can exit only via the Tray Icon menu).
- Language selection.
- Send E-Mail when SMART error occurs.
- Temperature unit, Celsius or Fahrenheit.
The warning Temperatures.
- advice: Caution 126°F, Alert 135°F.
Temperature thresholds actions:
- Send e-Mail to 1 or more e-Mail addresses.
- Warning sound you want to hear.
- Suspend your computer or not.
- Shutdown your computer.
HDData page1